Tripping the light fantastic...

How did Season 2 end?
Save the cheerleader, Save the World

It ended with a Cryptic message from the Now ascendant professor, warning that their home worlds were imperilled and they would have to return to an earlier time to save them. Even as they stepped into the Multidimensional/Multitemporal field strange figures appeared and advanced on the camp, with beams and blasts seeking out the professor. The professor dived for the controls that would seal the field fiddled some knobs and tossed it to your intrepid soldier, ‘Fly you fools, Fly!’ and then their vision faded to black as the transport took hold, the glaring beams of light that had begun to flay the professors ascendant form leaving searing afterglows upon your vision….

How did season 1 end..
Unresolved plot lines

The little girl, her teddy bear, and the Boy KIng of Angland.
The professor was obliterated, wasn’t he?
The Daemon Hammer, A robot, and the Flesh Golem.
Investigator Nine, Friend or Foe?
The Lizards, gone but not forgotten, and not really in the mood to forgive nuking their facility.

Tripping the light fantastic...
The trip so far.

I’m setting this up as a future campaign I want to run for my usual gaming group on Tuesday nights using the Savage Worlds rules. This is a multiverse campaign. Inspiration drawn from Sliders, Quantum Leap, with elements of Land of the Giants and Gullivers Travels thrown in. The intent is to start the campaign with first time trippers, adrift in the multiverse. Some may know each other however this isn’t necessary to the campaign. They will have some equipment from their home verse otherwise they are reliant on each other, and what they find to survive………


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